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OBD 2 DTC Codes

If you have a problem with your car like your Check Engine Light is turned on and you want to diagnose it, here is the list of manufacturer specific OBD-2 codes aka DTC - Trouble Codes

If you didn't find a right OBD-II code for your car you should consider Generic OBD 2 DTC Codes list.

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Honda Civic Navigational Manual 2012

Online Reference Manual

In navigation of Honda Civic 2012 you can select any place/landmark as a destination by using voice control or the touch screen.

The navigation system of Civic gives you turn-by-turn driving directions to your destination.

2 System Setup P. 17
Start-up 18 Voice Control System 19 Interface Settings 21 Personal Information 29
Routing & Guidance 39 Clock Adjustment 46 Vehicle 49 Data Reset 52
2 Navigation P. 55
Entering a Destination 56 Calculating the Route 77 Driving to Your Destination 80 Map Menu 85
Changing Your Route 101 Changing Your Destination 108 Resuming Your Trip 112
2 Audio P. 113
Audio System 114 Playing FM/AM Radio 116 Playing XM® Radio 121 Playing a Disc 125
Playing an iPod® 129 Playing a USB Flash Drive 133 Playing Bluetooth®
Audio 137
Adjusting the Sound 140
Audio Remote Controls 141
2 Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® P. 143
HandsFreeLink® 144
Pairing a Phone 146 Setting Up Speed Dialing 151 Editing Phone
Information 154
Phone Setup 155 Making a Call 156 Receiving a Call 159 HFL Menus 160
2 Other Features P. 163
Trip Computer 164 Information Functions 165
2 Troubleshooting P. 167
Troubleshooting 168 Error Messages 174
2 Reference Information P. 179
System Initialization 180 System Limitations 182 Customer Assistance 184 Legal Information 187
2 Voice Commands P. 189
Voice Commands 190

The 2012 Honda Civic is be available in seven models: a sedan, a coupe, Si sedan, Si coupe, hybrid, high fuel-efficiency (HF) and a natural gas style. Before driving please first refer to the Civic Owners Manual.

Check some advices how to maintenance your Honda Civic Navigational Manual 2012 included.

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