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OBD 2 DTC Codes

If you have a problem with your car like your Check Engine Light is turned on and you want to diagnose it, here is the list of manufacturer specific OBD-2 codes aka DTC - Trouble Codes

If you didn't find a right OBD-II code for your car you should consider Generic OBD 2 DTC Codes list.

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Toyota Owner's manuals
Toyota Owners manuals
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Car owners manuals, booklets and guides

Manuals for cars that you can read, download in PDF or print.


Lexus Owners Manual

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota. First introduced in 1989 in the United States, Lexus is now sold globally and has become Japan's largest-selling make of luxury cars. As of 2006, Lexus vehicles are officially marketed in 68 countries and territories worldwide. The Lexus marque  has ranked among the top ten Japanese global brands in market value.

Here is the list owners, service, repair, maintenance user manuals for most Lexus models in PDF.


Lexus CT Owners Manual

The Lexus CT 200h is a hybrid electric automobile introduced by Lexus as an entry-level luxury hatchback.

The CT 200h chassis is based on the Toyota MC platform, which is the same platform used by the Toyota Corolla and the Matrix. The Lexus CT 200h shares its powertrain with the Toyota Prius. The main distinction here is that the sporty-looking CT 200h is designed specifically for better handling, with a low stance and special suspension components.

What the CT 200h certainly has on its side is appealing cost of ownership for company car drivers. Although it wears a premium badge, a huge amount of equipment means buyers don’t need to bump up their P11D value by diving into the options list. And CO2 emissions of 94g/km mean a 10 per cent benefit-in-kind rating, plus it avoids the diesel surcharge. 'CT' Stands for 'Creative Touring' and '200h' refers to the hybrid performance being equal to that of a conventional 2 litre engine.

In our large database you'll will find all owners manuals including service and repair books for Lexus CT 200h ready for download in PDF.


Lexus ES Owners Manual

The Lexus ES is a series of mid-size luxury sedans sold by Lexus. The first five generations of the ES were built on the Toyota Camry platform. The sixth generation ES debuted in the first half of 2012 as a 2013 model, and features increased cabin dimensions due to a longer wheelbase which is shared with the full-size Toyota Avalon.

Since the fourth generation model, the Lexus ES has been aimed at the comfort luxury segment, with an emphasis on interior amenities, quietness, and ride quality.

Lexus ES have a more aggressive exterior, but its ride still heavily favors comfort rather than the sporting nature of a BMW 5 Series, Cadillac CTS or Acura TL. Strong reliability and above-average predicted resale value bolster the ES good reputation.

Download all Lexus ES owners manuals in PDF from our database.


Lexus GS Owners Manual

Lexus GS Car Owners Manual


Lexus GX Owners Manual

Lexus GX Car Owners Manual


Lexus IS Owners Manual

Lexus IS Car Owners Manual


Lexus LS Owners Manual

Lexus LS Car Owners Manual


Lexus LX Owners Manual

Lexus LX Car Owners Manual


Lexus RX Owners Manual

Lexus RX Car Owners Manual


Lexus SC Owners Manual

Lexus SC Car Owners Manual

Great brands live in people’s hearts and minds. They express a set of core values that resonate with the customer, and they possess the power to inspire. Successful brands form the basis of a powerful relationship. Customers trust them and expect great things of them. Lexus is one of these great brands.


An active Lexus Link subscription (including a signed Lexus Link Service Subscription Agreement)isrequired in orderto receive Lexus Link services. For more information, contact Lexus Link at 1-800-25-LEXUS (1-800-255-3987).


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